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Educational Reuse Centers

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What Is An Educational Reuse Center?

Throughout the nation, manufacturers dispose of their unwanted by-products, overruns and rejects into landfills and incinerators. And yet, everywhere across the nation, school teachers are in need of material resources for developmentally appropriate creative education!

Through an Educational Reuse Center, quality, unwanted manufacturing by-products, once destined for the landfill, now serve as much needed materials for math, science and other creative problem solving programs in the local school system, child care centers, Headstart programs, neighborhood youth organizations, summer camps, retirement communities and other community programs.

The Educational Reuse Center Database

SWIX manages and hosts this Educational Reuse Center database. The entire list is available for you to browse below. You can also:

Educational Reuse Centers

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A Gift for Teaching
Orlando, FL

Creation Station
Newport Richey, FL

Florida Reusable Resources Network
Melbourne Beach, FL

Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials
Miami Lakes, FL

Oceola Free Store (A Gift for Teaching)
Kissimmee, FL

Resource Depot
West Palm Beach, FL

Reusable Resources Adventure Center
Melbourne Beach, FL

Teacher Supply Depot
Sanford, FL

The Sharing Tree
Tallahassee, FL

Tools For Schools- Alachua
Gainesville, FL

Tools for Schools Broward
Pompano Beach, FL

Treasure Trove Depot
Interlocken, FL

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